Happy Birthday, LD!

We had a family birthday earlier this week in Beemsville, and today is also Landon Donovan’s birthday.  LD is the greatest player to lace ’em up for Team America, the best player in MLS, and we’ve truly enjoyed watching him over the years.  At 29, he’s the Captain, leading all-time scorer with 45 goals, and he still has another World Cup Cycle (at least) before he’s through.  Like any athlete he’s had some ups and downs, but leads the Red, White, and Blue with class and skill.

And so, in the best youtubery tradition, we bring you all 45 Donovan goals.  Happy Birthday, LD!




3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, LD!

  1. Holy carp…..45 goals….for his entire career!?!?!? Riveting…..I can think of several “45’s” more exciting than these:
    Colt 45 Malt Beer
    Colt .45 hand guns
    Shawn Bradley (1996-7, New Jersey Nets)
    A.C. Green (LA Lakers 1986-93)
    Howie Wright (The old Kentucky Colonels ABA, 1971)
    The number of letters in pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis which of course we all know as small bits of dust.
    45%, the percentage of French Grade School kids who think Batman is real.
    45 is also the number of seconds it took Joan Collins to divorce Peter Holm in 1987.
    Cardinal great Bob Gibson wore 45.
    Finally and most exciting “45” of all, In the year 45 AD King Kushtashpi III of Hatti died in a battle against the Sarmatians. He was succeeded by his son, who reigned as King Tudhaliyas VII

    Did you want to talk about 45 er…..

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