Tourney picks this year

Having proven to be a pretty poor tournament picker over the years, I’ve gone ahead and done my bracket anyway*.  My goal is to beat the President.  He has less time than me to watch out-of-conference games, but he also has a staff of minions to provide him with research.   Who will win this epic half-assed clash?

I suffer from the same malady every March:  I overrate the Big 10, stubbornly refuse to pick teams or coaches I dislike, and usually screw up the upset picks.  This year I’m still overrating the Big 10, but hey- it’s what I watch.  I’m probably underrating the Big East, but their ESPN-fueled publicity machine rubs me the wrong way, and having watched some of their dire, hack-filled contests, I’m not sure about how good many of them actually are.

So here’s my Elite Eight:  Kansas and Notre Dame in the Southwest, Wisconsin and BYU in the Southeast, Duke and San Diego State in the West, and Ohio State and North Carolina in the East.  Not a lot of variation or surprises there, with a bunch of top four seeds.  Ah, well.

Here are my first round upset specials:  Indiana State over Syracuse (har-har), Memphis over Arizona (ho-ho), VCU over Georgetown (hee-hee), and Utah State over Kansas State (hoo-hoo).  Let’s see how many of those pan out.

I’d love to pick the Illini to get past the first weekend, because that would seriously change our collective view of this team and season, not to mention stick it to the two former coaches.  But the way they’ve developed into the most non-clutch bunch of guys I can ever recall wearing the colors, I don’t see them getting past Lon and UNLV.


*Purely for recreational purposes…


2 thoughts on “Tourney picks this year

  1. Scott,

    You will be happy to know that Emily (10 years old) completed her first bracket last night. She picked Ohio State (obviously) and Illinois (she seems to be more of a fan than you are) for the championship game. She thinks that if Ohio State and Illinois play each other, we can all get together to watch the game.

    Chris and Amy

  2. I like Em’s plan, but I just don’t have her confidence. If the Illini by some miracle manage that kind of run to meet the Bucks, we will definitely be calling!

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