Final Four: Upstarts vs. Cheaters

It may not be what CBS and the major sports media want to focus on, but the most compelling storyline at the Final Four must surely be that of the good versus evil as represented by the four coaches.  Butler’s Brad Stevens has his team playing hard and smart – a reflection of an unflappable coach taking the mid-major Bulldogs to their second straight Final Four.  VCU’s Shaka Smart has the cool name, and his team has been clutch throughout their improbable run.  As has been so often repeated, the Rams weren’t even supposed to make the tourney, yet here they are.  These two mid-majors show what’ right in college hoops – that commitment, clutch veteran players, and just the right blend of talent and tenacity can get you to the final weekend.

Then you have the other two Coaches:  UConn’s Calhoun and Kentucky’s Calipari.  Talk about your forces of evil.  Of course these two guys aren’t the only coaches cheating in college hoops, but they’re damned fine poster boys.   Continue reading