May Gold Cup Roster

Gaudy, ain't it?

It’s just over a month until the US Soccer Team begins the Gold Cup, aka the championship of North and Central America and the Caribbean.  The Gold Cup occurs every two years, but recently the US Soccer Federation has only given it primary attention in the years directly after the World Cup.  So this year.  The reason being that this Gold Cup winner will travel to Brazil in 2013 (the summer before the next World Cup) to participate in the Confederations Cup – which will have the champions of the other regions.

The other reasons we will see the strongest possible roster for this year’s Gold Cup is that last time we sent a B-Squad to let the veterans rest and blood some of the newer/fringe guys, and we proceeded to get spanked by Mexico in the final.  Also, with the various machinations at the Federation, Coach Bob Bradley’s job could depend on it.

Anything less than beating Mexico and winning the Gold Cup will be a disappointment.  So with the MLS season a month old and the Euro seasons winding down, here are Beemsville’s current selections for the 23 roster slots…

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