PSN Limps Back

Yesterday, Sony announced its PlayStation Network, which provides media delivery for various gaming platforms (but especially the PS3), began to restore its service.  The Tech savvy folks will know that PSN went down nearly a month ago when Sony realized hackers had compromised its servers,  potentially accessing personal information and credit card data for over 100 million customers.  This includes yours truly.

Sony has responded like any corporate behemoth seeking to minimize blame and corresponding loss – slowly and stupidly.  Their PR machine has released a series of litigious and contradictory statements about the nature of the data theft and whether or not the bad guys really absconded with all that customer data.  Critics wondered why they didn’t take the simple step of encrypting those servers housing the customer data.  Gamers have screamed and cried about losing online access to their favorites.

Sony’s refusal to release a definitive statement on the breach has been accompanied by a plan to provide free credit score checks for affected US Customers and offers of free months of premium services.  So looking at the mess it seems likely that the hackers really did make it deep into the company’s servers.

But what about those poor, neglected gamers?  One interesting aspect of this mess has been how the lawyers, execs, and journalists have decried yet another invasion of privacy, while the gamers have mostly bitched about Sony’s incompetence in restoring the PSN quickly.  Yes, this is a generational divide, and further proof that the online-ials (or whatever you call them) will have an entirely separate view of what constitutes privacy and personal security.

Me, I’m not all that concerned by it; I’m more annoyed by the loss of the service.  If you want the convenience of the online market, you have to understand the risks involved.  So I’ll take advantage of my free credit report service, cancel the card associated with the PSN account and move on.  Mostly, though, I’d like to get back on PSN and do a little FIFA Soccer.

Unfortunately the sheer volume of eager gamers attempting to reactivate their PSN accounts has slowed the process to a crawl.  There are even reports that Internet Service Providers have been throttling out the Sony emails.  I know I still haven’t seen mine…


One thought on “PSN Limps Back

  1. So in talking with a couple guys at Game Stop in Ottawa a couple days ago, one of them told me you’d get a couple free games out of the deal as well, so keep a lookout for that….man am I glad I got an Xbox, course I don’t do the online thing either, but…

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