Really, Rod?

from the SJ-R's Chris Britt

…and we’re sure ex-gov Blagojevich won’t mind the familiar reference.  He is, after all, going to make a lot of new friends from so many interesting walks of life.  In federal prison they might call him Rod, or Roddy, or even Blago…  Or something else less wholesome.

The verdicts came in, the pundits had their say, and now we await the sentencing.  How much time will Blago get?  Will he lose his state pension (it might seem obvious, but ex-Governor and current inmate George Ryan held on to his)?  What will become of the Blago children?

Blago’s quotes outside the courthouse post-verdict dealt with “getting home and explaining to his little girls.”  Fortunately for Patti and the girls, her father is a longtime Chicago machine player.  You can bet they’ll be looked after.  Blago’s other quote:  “Frankly, I’m stunned.”

Really?  You’re stunned that you were convicted, even after the impeachment, hearing the tapes, reading the transcripts?  Are you still stunned that you were charged in the first place?   Continue reading