Stuff breaking a lot

Sometimes stuff just breaks on you.  This may come down to care and maintenance, as in the State of Illinois’ ongoing budget crisis.  You keep plodding along without taking proper care, without checking to see if things are working.  Worse yet, you push it beyond it’s capability, attempt to use something for purposes beyond the original design.  Ask Governors Quinn, Blagojevich, and Ryan about that.  Two out of three in prison…

Sometimes the stuff breaks because of neglect.  Or people try to fix said stuff without really studying the service manual.  They thinker around, and next thing you know, they’ve forgotten the basics, forgotten the purpose of the stuff.  Ask The U.S. Senate and our beloved President about this.  800 days without putting forth a budget, and they really have to wonder why brinkmanship and political grandstanding are the order of the day?   Is that any way to govern?  This is what has happened with our lawnmower.  Now it’s in the shop.

If you’re fortunate you can fix your stuff yourself at minimal expense.  Maybe get some help from a friend or two.  This is what has happened with our laptop computer.  After some initial problems with diagnosis, some advice from a few pals, we are mobile computing again.

Sometimes you’re just unlucky and stuff breaks down for no apparent reason.  No one can give a reasonable explanation.  No one can own up.  Again, we’re thinking about the current administration and the U.S.  economy here.  This also happened with the blog this week.  It just failed a couple days ago.  No reason why.  No supporting info.  No culpability.  Fortunately we’re back online now and none the worse for it.  Don’t know too much more about it.  Hmmm.  Sound like the presidential approach to economics.  Just have to kick that can down the road a bit and hope our luck turns.

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