500 miles

500th post…  500?  Yes, 500. A fair amount of blogging.  Mostly twice a week, sometimes three times.  And yes, I would walk 500 miles (theme music below).  So on this, the occasion of the 500th, how about a round of Q&A to sort of capture the zeitgeist.  Or Something. Because a blog ain’t nothing more than an outlet for ideas after all…

-How cool will The Avengers be next summer?  It looks awesome from the teaser footage.  The two Marvel movies/Avengers prequels I saw this summer, Thor and Captain America, were solid but not spectacular. Expectations for The Avengers are much higher, and here’s hoping they can deliver.

-Will DC take the cue from Marvel’s big screen wins and start combining their franchise characters?  Batman and Superman – the JLA…  There are some pretty great stories there to mine, if Warner/DC only had the vision and talent to make it happen.

-Why does Hollywood subject us to so many formulaic bad, bad films?  Can’t they literally flip the script once in awhile?  I’d like to see a few less sequels and remakes (which are easy to market) and a few more well-made original concepts.  Everytime a studio greenlights another Transformers flick, another Donnie Darko-esque film fails to get made or publicized.

-What’s with all the cheesy teen neo-fantasy horror TV shows?  Watched a little of MTV’s Teen Wolf last week and must have seen adds for half-a-dozen other similarly-themed show.

-Did Twilight really make that much money that we must now be subjected to all these clones?

-Why can’t we have more good neo-fantasy horror TV shows?  If you know of any, please share.

-How much longer will they keep making The Simpsons?

-How far has MLS come?  Now, having sparked a mini-bidding TV rights war won by NBC, we will have more nationally televised MLS games than ever next year.

-What does this mean for Fox Soccer Channel?

-Can Jurgen Klinsmann imprint a style on the US Soccer Team?  Can he win enough and build enough confidence to get the arrow pointing up again?

-Will Charlie Davies or Oguchi Onyewu ever return to prominence on the field and the National Team?

-Can Freddy Adu, Jozy Altidore, and Brek Shea assume the creative mantle of aging veterans?

-Will the University of Miami get the death penalty from the NCAA?  How much worse does it have to get before we see some major reforms in college athletics?  ESPN has dubbed this ‘the year of the quarterback’; it should be the year of the cheater.

-Will the OSU Bucks get a postseason ban?  They should.  The NCAA needs to start coming down hard, especially on the sacred cows, if they want to change the culture.

-Will Auburn’s football championship and/or UConn’s basketball championship be vacated?  Smart money is on yes – at some point.  It is the year of the cheater after all.

-Can the Illini win nine and get to back-to-back bowls for the first time in a long time?  We have to hope key guys stay healthy.

-What will it take for the Illini, picked near the bottom in every national preview, to get some respect?  Beat some name teams and win nine or more, then we’re talking.

-Has Coach Bruce Weber jumped the shark?  Not yet he hasn’t, but if his young team flames out, he could really start to feel the heat.

-How good can the Illini hoops team be?  We’re hoping they’ll be tougher than last year’s team and better come March, but so much will come down to ability to win close games.  With so many new faces, the team will be a lot different, and that’s not all bad.

-How much will the state’s dire finances hamper and hinder the University of Illinois?  We know the state hasn’t paid their allotment on time in nearly two years.  We know the atmosphere makes it difficult to attract and retain top faculty.  What we don’t know is how much this will affect the academic reputation and quality of instruction at our great state school.

-Will Governor Quinn ever get a clue?  He tries to portray himself as an optimist, but doesn’t seem capable of doing much of anything.  Maybe that’s a good thing.

-Do the Democrats really think opening the state up to massive gambling is the answer?  It that the best they can do?  I guess when you’re entire platform is based on providing benefits to voters, it kind of limits your fiscal options.

-Can Illinois Republicans ever mount a comeback?  These last two boobs for Governors, cursing and spending, borrowing and buffooning, and the GOP still remains weak.

-When will Mike Madigan retire?  Can we get some damned term limits around here?  If it’s true he’s really an undead master of the night, he may never step down.

-Will the President step up and provide some economic leadership?  Can he?  If his tax and spend economic ideals truly have been repudiated, if the economy doesn’t tilt up, it won’t matter how eloquent his, or how many Internet donations he gets.

-Will the Republicans screw themselves by nominating an unelectable/unacceptable neo-zealot?  Haven’t they learned by now it’s economic policy and not social policy that truly matters?

-When will someone on the right swallow their pride and get real about the economic climate?  So many Republican plans are based on increasing growth…  When do we face up to the fact that a nation without a steady supply of cheap labor cannot maintain a steady growth track forever?

-Can the American people stomach the reality that many Illinoisans have already faced:  to address the national debt we need to cut benefits and increase taxes…  And what politician is insane enough to endorse that platform?

Chime in, gentle readers, with your answers to these and other questions.  And check back in from time to time as we attempt to address them.

2 thoughts on “500 miles

  1. Now The Rube will answer all….enjoy!

    On a coolness scale of 1-10 The Rube hopes for an 11, would be happy with an 8, but, will probably get a 4!

    No DC is loooost…other than The most recent batman films (best of all superhero movies) they are loooost….Green Lantern was baaad…all the latest Superman movies were worse than bad….We need Aqua-Man badly and maybe the wonder twins…Zan and Jana and the damn puple monkey Gleek! Shape of….a good script….form of….a blockbuster!!

    Because its easier to sell a sequal and who wants to take a risk these days!

    No comment…haven’t and never will watch any show on MTV….ever….ever….ever…

    Yes Twilight did. Never underestimate the spending power of teen-aged girls! As father of a female…prepare yourself Mr. Ville! The Rube prefers to look at Twilight not as Vampires vs. Warewolves…but Sparkly superheroes vs. Giant Dogs!!! That viewpoint would make the movies almost bareable…..almost!

    The aformentioned Walking Dead….can’t wait for the new season!!! Hurrah!!!!!!! BRAINSS!!!!!!!

    Simpsons….well until Groening makes something else that is partially successful…Futurama isn’t bad but hey….why mess with success!!! Don’t underestimate the spending power of immature young men….Mr. Ville…you’ll soon have one of those too!

    Soccer questions can be answered all with three words….who effing cares! NEXT!!!!!!

    Miami will NOT get the death penalty and the NCAA will stand on the whole “reliable witness” excuse as it is repeatedly brought up in the myriad of Law & Order TV shows. The guys a weasel (not the Michigan kind) and while that may be true and what he says may be true…the NCAA isn’t about to vacate south florida and the market down there…Now if there were another southern Florida school that they could hang their hat on….hmmmmm….

    Tosu will not get a post season ban because as the golden calf of the NCAA rules druids they are immune to any type of “real” sanctions. Thier self-imposed crap…their coach stepping down etc. will be enough to appease the weasels (possibly the Michigan kind) at the NCAA!

    Auburn and UconN can go blow. Both cheaters…both admitted cheaters….both will probably skate….both will be back to prominence in 5 or so years even IF they were somehow sanctioned by the NCAA….hopefully Calhoun finally gets his…he’s running a close second to the rat weasel (not from Meatchicken) over at Duke for The Rube’s most hated, cheating weasel like coach!

    The Illini have a powder puff schedule that would make Coach Calhoun at UconC envious….They should be able to go 6-2 at home and at least win 3 on the road! the Tosu game will be VERY interesting with a new coach and the 5…i mean 4…or is it 3 players that were suspended only having one game under their belt before coming to the ‘Paign!

    Beat tOSU and we’re on our way!!!!

    Illinois basketball and Coach Weber are SCREAMING up the ramp to jump the shark! With the talent now on the roster and having absolutely NO IDEA who our 2nd best player is….it won’t be as easy as everyone thought for the Grill master! That said….if Coach Weber would listen to The Rube and Mr. Ville and install some plays to mesh in with the damn motion to take advantage of our best shooters (Griffey, DJ and Henry) and our post players while admitting that every so often a zone is a good idea….we could be VERY dangerous come March.

    Economic stuff….eh….who cares it doesn’t effect The Rube! ;^) The state is screwed…businesses are flocking to our distant neighbors???? to the north S. Dakota…how bad do things have to get to have businesses go to S. Dakota?!?!?! Little known fact South Dakota means South end of a North bound Skunk in Lakota Indian!

    The federal mess will get fixed when the next Presidential election comes through….The important thing will be for whomever the Republicans get elected to do SOMETHING…anything to create jobs before the next congressional election after the Presidential election next year so that they have something to point to to get all the incumbant Dems’ out!

    These are the correct answers to all your questions…if you need any further instruction do not hesitate to contact The Rube’s people!

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