Watching the Tube

No, not the inter-tubes, but the original boob-tube, as the Fall TV schedule begins.  One aspect of the programming that’s been apparent for years:  sci-fi is so mainstream these days, it’s hard to separate it from the rest.  In fact find me an angsty teen drama that doesn’t have a ghost, vampire, or paranormal twist…  Please.

And while we don’t spend as much time watching these days, there are a number of sci-fi flavored TV shows we’re looking forward to or will at least give a chance.  Some returning, some new.  The will go on the DVR, and some will make our cut while others won’t be able to command our short attention span.  Here they are:

  • The Walking Dead, AMC, Sundays, begins Oct. 16th.  By far our most anticipated return and favorite show from last season, the wife and I will watch in rapt horror.  How will the characters deal with a new round of post-apocalyptic Zombie drama?  Where will the shows writers diverge from the comic book series?  Who will survive for the next season?
  • Terra Nova (New), Fox, Mondays, begins Sept. 26.  Survivalists from a bleak future travel back in time to re-colonize in prehistoric times.  Dinosaurs, time travelers, yes.
  • The Big Bang Theory, CBS, Thursdays, Sept. 22.  Technically not sci-fi, but with a definite sci-fi feel, looking forward to another season of the geek geniuses and their sitcom hijinks.
  • Metalacalpyse, Cartoon Network, Sundays, winter.  This, along with the Venture Brothers is probably our favorite Adult Swim show.  Required viewing for lovers of epic metal with that brutal mythic/ironic feel.
  • Super Hero Squad, Cartoon Network, various.  This is a favorite to watch with the kids.  We appreciate the humor and self-parody of mighty Marvel Characters, as wall as a running plot familiar to true comic book fans.
  • Grimm, (New), NBC, Fridays, Oct. 21.  This show has a detective from a long line of supernatural hunters up against a variety of mythical creatures living among us.  X-Files and Hellblazer vibe here.
Of course we have our non-sci-fi faves as well, such as Archer and Parks and Recreation, and the reality is I always manage to like and follow at least one sci-fi show that will fail.  Noteworthy, perhaps, that we don’t have any thing from the SyFy Channel on there, when not long ago, they would have had a couple of required shows.

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