Random Friday

A couple of random quick thoughts on a beautiful Friday.  Stuff that you might mention on the social media if you were so inclined, in the way of observations, musings, and what not.

  • Parks and Recreation – probably my favorite pure sitcom to watch these days.  It makes me laugh out loud a couple times each week.  Great ensemble and just plain funny.  Check it out.
  • Who’s FIFA-ing?  Enjoying playing FIFA 12 on the PS3 (probably too much).  Particularly glad they made defending and passing a little more difficult.  A good sports game should always be about more than just pressing buttons quickly.  If it involves strategy and technique – that’s a good thing.
  • Book challenge – several times the past couple of weeks, my daughter has complained that she’s read all the books in her room.  That’s a lot of books.  She has informed me she needs more books.  I am very proud.  Luckily, we have a fine library in town.
  • Hermanator X –  Watching Herman Cain, you can’t help but be a little intrigued by the man and his ideas.  His 9-9-9 plan would really level the playing field.  Of course a lot of powerful interests on both sides of the political spectrum would see this as a major challenge to the status quo.  Wonder who Hermanator spooks more:  ultra-Liberals or arch-Conservatives?
  • Hoosier Road Trip – Ron Zook and the Illini hit the road for the first time in search of a 6-0 start and bowl eligibility.  Their objectives:  run the ball, hard and avoid injuries and stupid plays.  If they do this, IU can’t hang.
  • Not my X-Men – Reading the Ultimate X-Men Collection Trades, which compile the first four years of that title.  Written by Mark Millar, conceived as a more contemporary reboot of the X-Men to sort of go with the movies and current sensibilities, I’ve enjoyed some of the stories and new takes on the characters.  But the Post 911 allegory is weak sauce, and Millar’s portrayal of key characters (especially Wolverine and Magneto) is just not effective.  I have enjoyed his take on the Professor X, however.
  • Soccer Season Ends – in Beemsville for the kids.  Another fun season, with the kids improving and learning more about the game.  The boy’s control and coordination are much better, while the girl continues to improve her passing and overall awareness on the field.  And they really enjoy themselves out there.
  • Time for win, Klinsi – The USA Soccer team take on Honduras tomorrow in Miami.  If Coach Klinsmann and Company don’t play well and get a win tomorrow, alarm bells will start to ring.

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