Youtubery: Do or Do Not

Do talk to your kids about Star Wars.  It’s important to them, to you.  Think about how you will approach this.  Have a game plan.  Know your sequence and your preferred editions.  And if you need assistance, consider this public service announcement…

Do use the power of cheap video editing and the inter-tubes to mash-up cool scenes that didn’t happen, but perhaps should have…

Do not mess with Chuck Norris – even on Endor…

Chuck and Yoda agree:  there is no try.

4 thoughts on “Youtubery: Do or Do Not

  1. The Rube couldn’t agree more….Mini-Rube at the ripe old age of 9 has been infected with some of the odd notions pointed out in the first video about Anakin etc. due to the blasphemous Star Wars the Clone Wars cartoon on Cartoon Network. Despite The Rubes considerable power in the inner circle over at CN he has…as of yet….sadly not been able to have the show removed and the memories of it wiped using the flashing memory thing from Men in Black from The Mini-Rubes mind. Therefore, Mini-Rube continues to bring up what many like The Rube consider to be non-existant characters etc. This brings The Rube to his second point. The idolterous book series’ that have been published are akin to Mein Kampf and should be banned as well…there is no story between when Anakin becomes Vader and A New Hope. Luke and Leia are born at the end of #3 and then are instantly grown to their ages in A New Hope. Much like Jesus in the Bible….sure there may be a few stories here and there, but thats it.

    Finally, had Chuck Norris actually been on Endor and fighting for the Rebels….then it would’ve been an ENTIRELY different story…the Emporor and his cocky “your friends are screwed” attitude would’ve been gone as well as Yoda would’ve still been alive due to wanting to see Chuck roundhouse Vader and the Emporor as well as the beautiful destructive power of a Chuck roundhouse on the Death Star….and you all thought the explosion at the ends of A New Hope and Return of the Jedi were big….nothing compared to what would’ve occured had Chuck piroetted with the full force of his signature roundhouse to the Death Star….and Chuck wouldn’t need a small port along a maintenance shaft…that I can promise you! With Chuck there truly is no try….

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