Christmas Crunch

Check out the standard wordpress holiday theme (with snowflakes falling) and let’s yuletide!

The last week and the next two weekends give us a little empathy for those who get stressed and grouchy over the holidays.  Not saying this is really a valid response, but with the amount of stuff going on, I can understand it.  We have full weekends and numerous items during the week, not to mention the shopping, planning, etc.  It’s a good, positive, energy, though, but still somewhat manic.

It will be good to get some time off around the holidays, and maybe recharge some of the batteries, relax, and re-emphasize.  I’ve noticed that Beemsville is down to about a post a week since November, and I’d like to keep it at the 2-3 range.  The rest will help, and it’s not like we’re lacking for topics.  After all, Blago got sentenced and we didn’t even comment!  But here’s a pretty good editorial summary

Am also finishing up a long book, have some thoughts on the new Illini football coach, and the US Olympic Soccer Team has some intriguing possibilities.  Maybe we will actually get out to see a movie again…  Stay tuned.



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