Best Buy Grinches Beemsville

You may have seen the ads by Best Buy, talking a little smack at Santa about how they’re so much better at supplying gifts…  Yeah, it all sorta runs together this time of year.  But those ads have been running since Thanksgiving, and like suckers, thousands and thousands of us bough in – us included.  We purchased a laptop and printer on Cyber Monday as gifts for family members.

The printer went into back order, so I cancelled it and bought it at Office Depot.  Cost me $10 more, but hey.  The laptop, on the other hand…  Well, it was a very good deal, and up until two days ago I still thought there was a chance.  You see, I called Best Buy’s customer service, waited on hold the required 25 minutes, only to have the drone on the other end tell me, “it looks like it’s left the warehouse and should arrive at your local store for pickup tomorrow.”  Obviously, she’d been told to provide that line (i.e., her bosses told her to lie to customers).

Two things bother me about this fail:  1) I could have bought the laptop elsewhere for a similar price had I known, say, two weeks ago there were problems with fulfillment; also, you would think that three weeks would be enough to know whether or not a piece of merchandise would be available.  2)  The customer service person telling the lie at the 11th hour.

So now we can’t deliver our gift as part of the family Christmas.  It’s for an adult, so of course they will understand.  But Best Buy better hit me with some kind of compensation when the laptop does finally arrive.  Store credit, something decent.  Something.  I realize they have it written into their terms of service that they can’t be held responsible for delays.  I realize these things happen in our just-in-time mode of retail.  But Best Buy better realize I can and will buy my consumer electronics elsewhere.


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