Super XLVI

As far as the actual game – what more do you want than to come down to the 4th quarter, the final drive, the very last play…  A rooting interest, perhaps?  We had virtually none.  The Giants have two Illini on their roster, so we’re pleased with the result.

Madonna half-time.  Meh.  Now about those Super Bowl ads…  First you have the summer blockbuster build-up:

“We have a Hulk.”  Heh.

Liked the new hulu ad, the Fiat spot with the hot euro talent, and the Ferris Bueller Kia ad.  Of course it’s always good to see Jerry on the tube again…

But your winner, for both surprise and overall effect had to be the spot for Detroit and Chrysler:  A familiar raspy voice talking about people out of work  and hurting, and what they can do to make a comeback.  Talking about Detroit fighting, clawing, and winning.  I was thinking to myself, “That sounds a lot like Clint…”

"Buy American. (Or else)."

“It’s halftime in America, too,” he said.  “We find a way through tough times, and if we can’t find a way, we’ll make one.”  And my response (likely mirrored by millions of others watching males) was:  Turns out, we may be shopping for a Dodge next time out…

 Surely the best of the day.  Surely this ad will be politicized and scrutinized and played into the ground.  But Kudos to the Chrysler marketing wing, for pulling this off (without any real leaks via social media or anywhere else) and striking a chord.  Surprise is still effective.  Message matters.


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