Clint in the Groove

While Clint Eastwood was hawking Chryslers in the Superbowl, across the pond in London, Clint Dempsey continues to prove his mettle as the best American Soccer player.  Saturday he scored on this rocket, which was somehow initially ruled an own-goal (soon to be corrected, one would hope):

Dempsey has always seemed to play with a chip on his shoulder.  His attitude and grit are attributes that have long been associated with U.S. players.  He also has a ton of skill and has developed an upper level understanding and instinct for scoring and setting teammates up.  Sometimes, when you watch him play for the national team you get the idea everyone else (except Landon) is three steps behind him.

At any rate, he became the all-time leading Premier League scorer for Fulham earlier this year.  He’s scored 16 goals for them in all competitions so far.  He has one more year on his contract, which could mean a big money move for him this summer (so Fulham can avoid letting him go for free).  Clint’s said he wants to play in the Champion’s League, and few would argue he’s up for it.  In fact, you could slot him in to any team in England – any team:  Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool – and he would start and thrive.  That’s the kind of player he is.

The Brits like him too.  Check out this themed photoshop gallery starring Clint from last week:

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