Zeus Chuckles

I’m a little psyched for Wrath of the Titans.  I know, I know, the Clash remake was fairly meh, but for some reason I’ve been digging the trailers for this sequel.  It’s all the awesome fx, bringing to life some of those mythical creatures and beings I used to read about as a kid…  And in the latest round of TV spots, they (wisely) feature a few spots of Liam Neeson as Zeus kicking ass, hurling thunderbolts, and taking names.  So what if it’s written by committee with a paint-by-numbers plot and some bad acting.  It’s Titans, damn it!  Mythology!

Speaking of Zeus, he has to be pretty amused by the weather in Illinois right now (weather being one of his domains).  Only in Illinois can you go from snow on the ground to a string of days in the 80s in the span of two weeks.  Two weeks!   I had to check the calendar to make sure this was right.  Two weeks ago last Sunday, I was out running and snow was falling.  We had about two inches of accumulation over night.  Sure, it was gone by Tuesday, but…  Then this past Sunday it was 80, and it’s been like that for a couple days.

I know this kind of weather happens elsewhere in the Midwest, but Central IL seems to have some pretty severe swings…

Speaking of swings, we’re watching the Illini basketball coaching search fairly intensely.  Names and speculation swinging around all over the place.  Probably cutting into overall productivity – but hey, that’s what happens in March.  I’m not one of those ‘Gotta be Shaka’ people, but I am pretty adamant that we need a different direction and it needs to be dynamic.  We need a coach who wants to elevate the program back into the Top 10 and compete for titles.  Who out there could do that?  Buzz Williams?  Anthony Grant?  How about Jay Wright from Villanova?  Maybe he’s ready for a switch.  He would be awesome…

The basketball hire is more vital than the football hire, and here’s why:  Football needs long, gradual improvement and sustained success.  With the larger teams and number of players, this takes longer.  Years, in fact.  Basketball is one good recruiting class and a good tournament away from being there.  You can turn the corner in one to two years.  You can stay there, because the class system isn’t so rigid in basketball.

Plus I just like hoops better.


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