Droids you were looking for

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far yard sale not far away…

So the wife goes sale-ing most Saturdays when the weather gets nicer, on the lookout for deals and such.  Yesterday at such a sale she spotted some Star Wars stuff.  Of course that was an afterthought.  She was mainly looking for a bike for our son and stopped to see what was available.

“We should stop by this sale,” she says.   “It’s a couple blocks away.  They have a bike and some Star Wars toys.”

OK, I’m thinking.  So we made the stop on the way to the morning soccer game.

The bike was decent and the right size for the boy’s next step up this summer.  But what immediately caught my eye was the original Darth Vader carrying case.  Circa Empire if I’m not mistaken, but could be from the original.  The handle was broken off and it looked a little worn, but I was excited.

And when I opened said carrying case, what should I find?


Original Mattel goodness right there, mostly from Star Wars and Empire, with a couple from Jedi thrown in.  They are in much better shape the than the battle-worn figures that survived our youth at my Mom’s house.

Darth, Obi-Wan, Chewie, Boba Fett…  Lando, Bespin Leia, Bespin Han, Hoth Han, Hoth Luke…  R2, 3PO, Boskk…  Classic Trooper, Snow Trooper, Speeder Bike Trooper, Imperial Officer…  Even better – in the little Weapons cache on the side were handful of original guns in good condition.  I was pretty pumped.  If I could acquire an original Luke, Han, and Leia, I’d have a pretty respectable set.

I hate to say how little we spent on this, because it’s just not fair.  The two 20-somethings  in charge of the sale definitely didn’t know what they had, but I imagine an uncle or older cousin somewhere gritting his teeth in pain.

Sometimes I give the wife a hard time for her constant weekend sale-ing, but the Force was with her yesterday.

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