Pee Wee Commute

The past few weeks I’ve made like Pee Wee Herman…  No, not that – talking about bikes.  Bicycling.  Remember how Pee Wee always rode his bike everywhere?  And then, in the movie, finding his bike was the whole crux of the plot?  Anyway, I’ve been biking a lot.

Eight of my last ten work days have been bike commutes.  I think I’m eleven of my last fifteen.  It’s testament to the weather, which has been positively Spring-like, and the convenience to see my daughter to her bus stop with just enough time to pedal over to work.  In fact, over the last two weeks, the only days I drove to work were those on which I had to do child-taxi-ing to one activity or another.

See there:  I have my right pant-leg rolled like Steve Carrell (in 40 Year-Old Virgin) to avoid problems.  I have my backpack.  Even went out and bought a helmet – the kids are riding now as well and don’t want to set a bad example…

See how little gas I’ve used.  Marvel at my commitment.  Envy the short work commute.

I’ve been riding to work off and on the last couple of years.  Really, unless, it’s raining or 90+, there’s no reason not to.  But I’m lucky – the distance is short, and while we don’t have many bike trails in town, the sidestreets are pretty safe.

It’s enough to make one a little sanctimonious.  Why don’t more people bike to work?  Can’t they spare a little inconvenience for the sake of the environment and their own health?  This is Illinois, after all – shouldn’t we find a way to tax and regulate the non-bikers?  Don’t guys like me and Pee Wee Herman deserve some kind of break or pension for our stewardship?


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