Pentagram: Four Points Earned

Herc is now your #9

The US Soccer Team took its first steps on the road to the World Cup Finals in Brazil.  And they’re tired already.  Last Friday’s 3-1 win over Antigua and Barbuda, followed by Tuesday’s 1-1 draw in Guatemala, served the reminder that qualifying, while mandatory, ain’t easy.  It’s the same old mantra for qualifying out of our region:  win at home, draw on the road.

Juergen Klinsmann will take the results.  He will also have to take some of the criticism, because the team looked pretty underwhelming and was actually pretty fortunate not to lose that last game.  The players were obviously tired, from Juergen’s demanding fitness schedule following long club seasons.  Roster/player selections were an issue, as were some of the deployments and tactics.  While we applaud the overall strategy and philosophy the coach is trying to implement, a year in and we’re still wary…

But the team is off until September, when it will play Jamaica twice in five days.  Win at home, draw on the road, get to the next round.  Still, we need to improve depth and the offensive gameplan to win the Hex and arrive at Brazil in position to make some noise.

Five points in the pentagram…

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