Summer 3-on-3 Soccer

Last month we participated in a couple of 3-on-3 soccer tournaments in the middle of Illinois.  Back-to-back weekends saw the senior circuit (yours truly and some friends) and the youth team (daughter and friends) lace ’em up and hit the severely drought-depleted pitch.

For me it was a chance to play, in a semi-organized fashion, this sport I’ve become so enamored with.  For the kids it was a new take on the kind of soccer they’ve been learning the last few years.  We were playing the standard 3-on-3 rules:  small goals, no keeper, playing pitch a bit bigger than full-court basketball.

Our team, sporting the green Skibereen shirts (local Celtic/Irish band, whose bass player is a friend and teammate), were certainly the best-dressed and oldest team.  We found ourselves in the men’s open division, and since they didn’t have quite enough teams to split between a Rec League and Competitive Division, we found ourselves severely outclassed in one match.  That one featured a couple of former college players and some high school kids with skills. Continue reading