Insanity Workout Results

Just finished the Insanity workout sequence (as seen on TV) – the next step in my ‘keep the workouts varied’ approach to exercise.  Insanity is a tough program that will test your will and you resilience, so I was glad to be able to get all the way through it with no major problems.  And the results speak for themselves:

Yeah, actually I’m the same weight I was before I started the program.  There are, however, a few caveats there.  1) I initially started Insanity a few weeks after running a half-marathon, and I’ve been doing free weights for years.  So I was already in pretty good condition.  2) I didn’t alter my diet at all while doing the workout.  For me that’s actually pretty healthy (dietitian wife), with reasonable amounts of fruits and vegetables, a few salads a week, and mostly normal portion sizes.  This also includes some beers on the weekend, some burgers, pizza, and ice cream when I feel like it. Continue reading