Chicago Gangnam Style

Somewhere in their prison cells, the two most recent former governors of Illinois are smiling.  President Obama and his campaign team have done it; they’ve taken the body politic of Illinois and especially Chicago and captured the nation’s highest office.  Again.

In Beemsville we’re just grateful it’s all over.  We’re not even in a swing state and we’re tired of the ads and talking points.  And once more, we’re both humbled and intrigued that our home state can provide such a fine crucible for political leadership.

Do you doubt the wisdom of running a Chicago Style campaign?  When it’s so obviously the winning formula?

First off you focus in on the urban centers.  Duh.  That’s where all the people live.  Leave the rubes in the sticks to their grain liquor, bible thumping, and such.  Like this. It’s become more and more difficult for the Republicans to combat due to point #3 (below).   Second, you must raise lots and lots of cash for divisive adds.  Former Govs Blago and Ryan knew this well, and it eventually led to their demise (just imagine what either could have done with Super PAC laws on the books…)  Both political parties were successful here.

Point #3:  Build a coalition of minority blocs – especially in urban areas and make sure they get to the polls.  This has been Team Obama’s bread and butter.  No need to flog the dead horse here, but it surely helps when said blocs feel indebted too or dependent on the government for their income and services.  Romney’s 47% comment was bad political copy, but that doesn’t mean he was wrong.  Then you get your coalition blocs to the polls come hell or high water.  In Illinois, the Dems have done this to the extreme… 

During the campaign you slander your opponent with half-truths and spurious factiods.  No stone unturned.  No quote not taken out of context.  Again, both sides excelled here.  Also, you attempt to scare key electoral segments into voting for you or staying home.  Team Obama’s narratives aimed at seniors and women receive the highest of marks.

Finally, and most importantly, you target a key electoral segment in an area of need – and this goes back to Chicago Style political patronage – and you provide largess or special legislation.  Auto Bailout:  good for unions, very good for Northern Ohio and Michigan.  Cha-ching!   Midwest firewall built, Electoral College securied.  You can almost see Axelrod and company doing the Gangnam Style dance, riding that pony, as this stratagem unfolded.  Even better – Romney’s painfully title op-ed about the auto industry with which to flog him.

In the home state we’re quite familiar with the segment-in-need move.  Blago separated the Chicago teachers’ pension system from the rest of the states’s teachers in order to secure their loyalty.  Going back decades, governors have increased benefits for union state employees to the point where…  Well, you should know the score – $83 billion (with a ‘b’) in pension debt.

So here we are, with Chicago Gangnam Style having once again prevailed.  Look no further than Illinois and Chicagoland for the results.  What does the rest of the country have to look forward to?

What about the business climate, the economy?

And when it comes to the dignity of public service and serving your constituents…

Op op op op oppan Gangnam Style!

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