Bowl Playoffs 2012

It’s that bowling time of year, and so we dismiss the BCS National Championship in lieu of a superior 16 team playoff scenario that everyone would like to see, the Beemsville Bowl Playoff Championship (BPC; TM still pending).  It’s our third annual BPC, so check out the 2011 and 2010 versions for fun.  Here’s how it works…

  • Six automatic BCS conference qualifiers, The champions  from the six current BCS conferences:  SEC – Alabama, Pac 12 – Stanford, Big 10 – Wisconsin (groan), Big 12 – Kansas State, ACC – Florida State, and Big East (double groan) – Louisville.
  • Two at-large conference qualifiers, the champions of the next two highest rated conferences.  This year that’s the MAC – Northern Illinois(!), and the WAC -Utah State.  This changes every year.  Last year we had Conference USA and the Mountain West in here.
  • Eight at-large teams, selected from the remaining highest rated teams using the BCS formula.  No limits on the number of entries from a conference, and this year the SEC dominates with five.  At-large teams are: Notre Dame, Florida, Oregon, Georgia, LSU, Texas A&M, South Carolina, and Oklahoma.
  • Teams are seeded according to BCS formula. #1 to #16 based on relative ranking.  Higher seeds host the first round; highest surviving seeds then host the second round.  Bye week after the second round.
  • Semi-finals and the final rotate between the four BCS bowl sites. Jan. 1 is your semi-final date.  This year the Orange Bowl gets the championship on Jan. 12.


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Winners:  The SEC, obviously, gets a chance to beat on each other a few more weeks.  Oregon and Florida like this system quite a bit, now that they’ll get a chance to put their one-loss seasons to the test.  NIU(!) and Utah State are happy to be here, and so is Louisville for that matter.  None of them are likely to be around for long.  Notre Dame would rather just play one game in the current system, but at least they get to host another Big 10 Team in the first round.

Losers:  The Big 10 only gets in one team, and the Badgers get the Golden Turkey award for the lowest ranked (unranked) team to make it in.  Because Nebraska lost, and because of Buckeye sanctions, Jim Delaney is displeased to see the B1G only get one team into the BPC for the second straight year.  The last couple teams out based on ranking are always cranky (especially with an unranked Wisconsin team in).  This year the bridesmaids are Oregon State at #13 and Clemson at #14.  We’re OK with that.

Fiesta Bowl is out of the BPC rotation this year so they probably invite Nebraska to play either Oregon State or Clemson in the battle of the also-rans.

Who wins it?  Let’s go out on a limb and predict an SEC team…  We haven’t watched these teams enough to really know them all, and it would be interesting to simulate this tourney with NCAA College Football on the Playstation/XBox.  We’ll predict a final four of Notre Dame and Oregon, Florida and Alabama.  Florida beats Oregon in the final.


2 thoughts on “Bowl Playoffs 2012

  1. Hmmmm……no sir….I don’t like it…..that has waaaay too much logic and would also cause the entire country to recognize a TRUE champion instead of what we’ve had for the last several years! The Rube would have to see some sort of consolation bracket for 3rd place as well……I also think that instead of 8 at large bids that the final bid should go to the worst team in the country….just because everyone loves a Cinderella story and that could’ve been Illlinois this year!!!!

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