Blame the Legos

Star Wars.  Yes, I’m a fan.  Not an obsessive, obnoxious fanboy.  Not someone who can’t see the flaws or critical failings of certain aspects of various media and, er, films…  But I am someone who’s read my share of tie-in novels, and comics, played the video games, reveled in the Robot Chicken and Family Guy episodes.  I’ve even tracked down and watched the Star Wars Holiday Special.  As an adult.  Sober.

And there’s this:

Han & LeiaThe photo you don’t see here (because I don’t put the kids’ photos on the blog) features the two of them along with us in their jedi gear to, you know, complete the theme.

Despite this, I haven’t pushed the movies or even the Clone Wars show on the kids.  In fact, I haven’t let them watch the movies all the way through yet because I wanted them to be old enough to appreciate it (and hopefully realize that Jar Jar ain’t cool).

Kids love Jar Jar, though.  Lucas wasn’t wrong about that.

I’m also torn on the whole question of sequencing.  Do you start with the original or do you go in Episodic order?  Seriously, this is an important decision.  See here for more wisdom on this.

Thanks to the Lego Star Wars video games,  the sequencing question is sort of moot now.  So too, any concerns about enthusiasm or pushing my own geek agenda on my kids…

They’ve been playing Lego Star Wars, solving the levels together.  And yes, there’s a fair amount of yelling and blaming each other for fails – but that’s part of the fun of gaming…  You see Lego Star Wars goes Episodic order, meaning they began with Phantom Menace.  So we watched that movie over Christmas break.  We made a little deal:  watch the movie, solve the level.  And they were excited.

They made it through Ep. I, so we watched Attack of the Clones.  Last week they made it through that level, and now I’m in a bit of a quandary.  Episode III is dark and gruesome.  Anakin does bad things (the younglings, not the younglings!) and bad things happen to Anakin.  What’s a responsible parent to do here?

They want to do Lego Episode III.  I can stall with the Clone Wars for awhile.  But that’s not the solution.

On the plus side, the boy has been reading all the Star Wars books and comics we previously acquired for just this eventuality.  He’s been studying the Character Encyclopedia and asking me in-depth questions about the merits of battle droids vs. power battle droids, noticing that Jabba the Hutt seems pretty important because so many different characters refer back to him.  Like anyone, he wants to know more about Boba Fett.    He would like to see more Tuskan Raiders in the other movies.  He’s even designed his own Sith Lord:  Darth Toothe – a combo of Darth Sidious, Darth Maul, and a Saber Tooth Tiger (he has light saber teeth).

A few days ago he drew battle droids on the blackboard wall and executed practice strikes upon them with his light saber.  That’s my boy!

It’s a proud day in Beemsville.

But this doesn’t solve the problem of Revenge of the Sith.  Do I just let the kids play the level?  They’ll get the gist of the story lego-style and we move on to the original three movies in sequence.  Or do we screen Ep. III and cut out the most gruesome parts?  Seriously, I’m open to suggestions.

In related news, J.J. Abrams, eh?  May the Force be with him.


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