On-time, Under-Budget

Our recent family vacation to Florida was memorable and lots of fun.  The kids spent time with Grandma and Great-Grandma – including a day at Disney with both Grandmas(!) that involved Jedi training, a rascal scooter, an unexpected reunion with Ohio cousins, and intermittent but pleasant showers.

Despite torrential rain our first day at the beach (or more appropriately, because of these storms) the wife found a record number of shark’s teeth.  It could have been warmer, but the Gulf was hospitable as always, and we had three nights of excellent fresh seafood.

And, in a move that seems very un-Illinoisan, we did it within our projected budget.



For vacations, we always have a working budget as we’re making our plans.  For this vacation, the spending was easy to analyze due to the quest for more rewards points.  What surprised me (it always surprises me) is the percentage spent on food.  That includes restaurants and trips to the store for sandwich supplies, milk, chips, fruit, etc.  I had actually planned for more on the ‘Other’ (souvenirs and shopping) category, which allowed up to absorb the food expense.  ‘Entertainment’ is Theme-park tickets, for which we cashed in some previous rewards points to good affect.

Not bad for nine days away from home.  Hit us up on the social networks for photos.

I’m a little bit nerdy about trying to budget and plan.  We will do a summer-spending plan, and I usually have an idea for Christmas also.  I try not to be a too obsessive about it (again, I’m an Illinoisan), but you’d rather have an idea than get hit with unpleasant surprises.


2 thoughts on “On-time, Under-Budget

  1. I’m afraid your time at work has affected you….not necessarily in a bad way but there is something to be said for spontaneity-I envision planning meetings at Beemsville headquarters with coffee and spreadsheets…ah Jackie what fun that must be!! I see you shaking your head and your right, can’t have the $$ for fun times without the plan and budget 🙂 I too am a planner-I don’t know that this is an Illinois thing, maybe a Beem thing (I dont see the evidence that it comes from the Scott side). I’ve really gotten into my new wunderlist app, my iphone allows me to over plan everything-you should really come over to the dark side-I know Jackie’s android has similar app’s but its just not the same. Thanks for sharing, also, nice pie chart 🙂

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