Why all the laughing in the basement?

If you had come by Beemsville HQ this weekend, you would have heard persistent chuckles, snickers, and belly laughs floating up from the basement.  The basement, to which yours truly often retires to watch sports, less kid-friendly programming during kid hours, and to hit the PS3.  So sometimes you might hear shouts of frustration and occasional cursing (Illini football, losing at FIFA Soccer to some kid in France, etc.)

This weekend: laughter.  Why?

Easy.  IFC was running an Arrested Development marathon.  The first three seasons, back-to-back-to-back.  Surely you remember Arrested Development, yes?  Ron Howard-produced (and narrated), Michael Hurwitz-created, starring Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Portia De Rossie, Michael Cera, and others… (Hit the wiki.)  Maybe you don’t recall, because it never received much in the way of ratings, which is why we only saw three seasons.

Well AD was on all weekend, no doubt running up to the much anticipated Netflix-only release of Season Four!  It’s enough to make a guy reconsider the status of his expired Netflix account…  Yes, the original cast and creative team have returned, and we get 22 brand new episodes, starting next month.

So yes, I watched hours and hours of AD this weekend, and recorded those I couldn’t watch.  Much laughter floating up from the basement.  You know something’s funny when it gets you to laugh all by yourself.  I hadn’t watched the show in years and had almost forgotten how brilliantly constructed and ridiculously funny it is.

In our humble opinion, AD is Top-3 all-time sitcoms.  So there you have it.  Kudos to IFC for running the marathon.  Now what to do about the old Netflix account…



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