Pentagram – Beating Der Mannschaft

Jozy back at it

When U.S. Soccer scheduled Germany (aka Der Nationalmannschaft – not kidding; look it up) for their Centennial match, this is what they were hoping for:  A crowded RFK Stadium in D.C., a good timeslot on ESPN, and a good showing by the home team.  The Fed should be pleased on all accounts, especially the 4-3 victory.

Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann was hoping for a better performance than the previous match against Belgium.  This match was all about building some confidence and momentum while avoiding injuries prior to this Friday’s World Cup Qualifier in Jamaica.  Jurgen had to like some of what he saw, even if some of the same troublesome trends continued.  At some point we’re going to have to settle on a centerback pairing and stick with it for a few games.  At some point we’re going to have to close out a game without giving up so many chances in the final 15 minutes.  It sure is nice to score some goals, though.

Five Points in your Centennial Pentagram…

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