Google Reader No More

The millions of us who use Google Reader everyday to organize and browse RSS feeds have been hit with the frequent reminder:  After July 1, Google Reader will no longer be available.  Apparently, in Google’s pre-do-no-evil days, the designers who came up with such a straight-forward and useful RSS-aggregator were too concerned with user experience and not fixated enough on the bottom line.  Google Reader hasn’t generated enough income.

Google has also announced that its iGoogle start page will also disappear later this year.  Again, one can surmise iGoogle – with it’s simple yet effective design – doesn’t bring in enough dollars.

In Beemsville, these developments have us wondering why we decided to switch primarily to Google stuff years ago. It’s been a convenient run, being able to access our stuff across multiple platforms – mobile and tablets and all.  But now we have to change our Internet behavior and alter our toolkit.

Our requirements are pretty simple:  1) Available and syncable to mobile-Android devices, 2) Import function from Google Reader, 3) Ease of use for feed management and reading.  4) No user fee.  We would also like our new reader to play well with others, so we can add a minimal/compact version to whatever new start-up page we transition to.

And so, based on a little research we’ve come up with three possibilities:

  • Feedly – which seems very familiar and appears to hit all our requirements.  This one gets the first run.
  • Pulse News – hits our requirements and appears to be user friendly.
  • Digg Reader – also seems familiar but isn’t quire ready for prime time and currently lacks the Android interface.
  • Netvibes – might be an alternative that could also double as our new start-up page.  We will be investigating this option further.

So, fellow RSS-aficionados, what are your thoughts on the options?  Do you have additional reader recommendations for us?  Comments and opinions are welcome.


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