Sta-Cation Agenda

This year’s Sta-Cation is officially on as of today.  The idea is to use vacation time, relax, spend time with the kids, and get be productive around the house.  Past versions have been associated with big projects (for me),  such as the Deck, (photos), the Basement flooring tileage, and Tiles of Woe in the old house’ bathroom.  This year we’re not so aggressive, but we do have a growing list of smaller items:

  • Take kids to Soccer Camp (watch them, learn new drills)
  • Power Wash the Deck and seal said deck – probably the biggest, most time consuming item
  • Fix leaky toilet
  • Build three tree boxes in the front yard
  • Install ceiling fan in guest room
  • Build new desktop computer (looking forward to that, which could be folly)
  • Retrieve and load piano from the home town
  • Take clothes and stuff to Goodwill
  • Read Patrick Rothfuss’ Wise Man’s Fear
  • Back up this blog
  • Watch some Gold Cup

Now that you mention it, that doesn’t really look all that relaxing.  Ah well, we will just have to see what kind of progress occurs.

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