Sta-Cation Follow-Up

The Sta-Cation has concluded, the routine resumed.  Mostly positive, mostly productive, and relaxing in a way.  A couple of aspects not featured this year:  no sleeping in (no time with taking the kids to camp), no PS3 (just no time for it), no copious sweating (the weather was actually pretty nice for July).


Deck – now sealed

So what did we cross off the list?  The big items, mostly…

  • Take kids to Soccer Camp (watch them, learn new drills) Check
  • Power Wash the Deck and seal said deck Check
  • Fix leaky toilet Check (sort of)
  • Build three tree boxes in the front yard Nope
  • Install ceiling fan in guest room Check
  • Build new desktop computer Check (sort-of)
  • Retrieve and load piano from the home town Check
  • Take clothes and stuff to Goodwill Nope
  • Read Patrick Rothfuss’ Wise Man’s Fear Check (100 pages in)
  • Back up this blog Nope
  • Watch some Gold Cup Check

That’s 8 for 11.  Not bad, not bad.  The caveats here:  toilet disassembled, diagnosed, and faulty part ordered (it’s a very old American Standard).  Should be fairly easy to finish off once the part arrives.  The new destktop PC is functional and sound (hoorary!), but I need to finish installing the software and get my backup files on there.

The deck wasn’t all that bad, though the power washing took much longer than anticipated.  The small fix-it items went pretty smoothly also, and this is a big accomplishment for me.  I used to be hesitant to try and fix stuff – just a lack of confidence and skill.  But these days, with the help of the Internet and the advice of more handy friends, I’m actually getting these tasks done.

The most difficult and stressful item was surely moving the piano in.  It’s a baby grand.  It traveled 60+ miles.  It weighs probably 600 pounds.  But we got it in place with no injuries or damage, so big thanks to the moving and coordinating crew.


Baby Grand

The kids are excited.  Let the music and creativity flow.  Now, does anyone have any piano teacher recommendations for us in Springfield?


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