Randomsville Saturday

We have no theme.  We’re random on a Saturday.  It’s comics, soccer, football.  Let’s start with this:

That ending just makes way more sense…  And. of course, the biggest news out of Comicon in San Diego was the Superman-Batman movie announcement.  Odds that Superhero movies have moved on from the general public wheelhouse by then?  I don’t know…  Maybe they should enlist Jeph Loeb to co-script.

I think I need the ‘Because I’m Batman’ t-shirt.

In other news, we did not get tickets to the USA-Mexico World Cup Qualifier at Columbus Crew Stadium in September.  They had to do a lotto for the chance to buy overpriced tickets, and neither me nor my co-worker friend were selected.  Now U.S. Soccer was very gracious and even offered a merch discount on my next purchase…

But riddle me this:  when does demand outstrip the venue?  Could you put this game in a bigger NFL-style stadium and somehow still ensure a pro–U.S. crowd?  I don’t know.  No one knows.  All I know is that they had double the amount of requests for tickets for Crew Stadium – which seats about 20,000.

I also know that last Sunday’s Gold Cup final on Fox drew a very respectable 1.7 rating.  When you add that to the Spanish Language broadcast on Univision, the final was the highest rated sporting event of the weekend.  Yeah, it’s not a busy sports weekend, but still…  Progress.  Next summers World Cup should break all kinds of records for soccer TV ratings.

Closer to home, the biggest news surrounding the Illini Football season appears to be the installation of the new HD digital scoreboard.  Yeah that sounds about right.

Actually, we’re cautiously sanguine about the new Bill Cubit offense and the chance to go down swinging a few times.  Maybe it’s 40-32 losses instead of 27-3 losses.

We will preview the football team at some point on Beemsville, but last year’s collapse was nearly the final straw.  We did not renew our half-a-season ticket.  This was paritally because of the team on the field and also because the kids have soccer games to play on Saturdays.

And yet I’m still Illini through and through and will end up going to a game or two and watching the rest on TV (even if DVR-ed and delayed).

My gut is that if Illinois can avoid the excessive number of injuries they had last year and somehow get to four wins, Beckman is safe and we move forward.  So our projected goal is .500 and a lower tier bowl-which may be asking a bit much.

Oh, yeah, back to Soccer:  This happened.  Dempsey is back in the states, and we predict an immediate run on #2 Sounders shirts.  It will be interesting to see how the bi-polar U.S. soccer fandom reacts to this news.  We say you can never fault a guy for coming back home.


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