Just Plain Good


…that’s the US Soccer Team.  No qualifying statements or explanations needed.  Our team defeated Bosnia in Sarajevo 4-3 yesterday, extending the winning streak to 12 games.  Next closest streak is Brazil with 6.  This is a win in Bosnia over a team ranked #13 in FIFA’s (flawed) system.  Bosnia is the Eastern Euro team you don’t want to draw in next summer’s World Cup.  They have stars and lots of players from the top leagues.  But  Team America (cue song) is better…

It’s important to say this, Stuart Smalley-style, because amid Clint Dempsey’s high profile return to Major League Soccer earlier this month, we saw much apologizing, qualifying, and general rubbing of hands.  Die-hard US fans have a hard time with their shared inferiority complex.  Our take on this whole situation can be summed up in this excellent article over at the Shin Guardian.

Highlight check:

That’s a comeback win on the road.  That’s a hat-trick by one Jozy Altidore.  That’s Michael ‘the General’ Bradley controlling the middle of the field.  Coach Klinsmann has this ship turned and full speed ahead.

And how about this:  three of the six best American field players (Dempsey, Landon Donovan, and Matt Besler) did not even make the trip.

The USA is like the Gonzaga of World Soccer (at least before this year when the Zags finally earned a #1 seed).  We win in our league.  We’ll play you at your place.  You definitely don’t want to see us in your group next summer.

Just.  Plain.  Good.


…Now about that defense…


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