Switching ain’t easy

Over the holiday weekend, we switched media providers from AT&T to a combination of DirecTV and Comcast-Xfinity.  The reasoning was simple:  a savings of about 40% per month off the combined monthly bill for TV and Internet, along with expanded options and quicker net speeds.

Of course they offer to do it all for you; they offer lots of nice perks (which you’ll get charged for later if you don’t remember to go in and cancel the services).  Sounds easy.

You also better be sure you’ve done your research.  Comcast is happy to lease you a combo cable-modem/router, which you could have paid for in a year had you bought the equipment on your own.  So have that ready.  DirecTV now requires their techs to ground the service to your meter box, so that means extra holes and wires.

And then there’s the scheduling…

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