Walking Dead is back

One of the few episodic shows we continue to watch returns for its fourth season this Sunday:  The Walking Dead on AMC.  Not since we watched The Wire have we been so enamored with a show that can just be so damned depressing.  If you’re behind on episodes or looking to catch up with the plot again, AMC is currently running through all the prior seasons leading up to this Sunday.

I still remember picking up the very first trade of Robert Kirkman’s series back in the day, when the buzz about the comic book was starting to increase, and thinking the central premise was a pretty blatant rip-off of 28 Days Later (guy wakes up form coma and zombie apocalypse has ensued).  But the way he set up the characters and paid them such careful attention, the focus on the human element in the midst of such a horrible situation – these really stood out.  I still want to back and check out his book, Invincible, a character-driven take on the familiar teen and family superhero story.

Another horror-themed TV shows we continue to loyally follow also return soon:  Grimm (ABC) on Oct. 25.  We’ve started DVR-ing Marvel’s Agents of Shield but have only watched one episode to date.  We’re going to give it a shot.  The kids continue to really enjoy Adventure Time and Regular Show, to which we’ve added a couple of new superhero shows:  Hulk and the Agents of Smash and Ultimate Spiderman.

The two other ongoing TV shows we’re really looking forward to are the History Channel’s Vikings and HBO’s Game of Thrones, both of which return sometime next year.

And, of course, on the insistence of many, many friends, we’re going to sit down and watch all of Breaking Bad sometime this winter.


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