Video Editing Costs

Many people have lots and lots of home video footage they’ve shot – taking up space on their drives, piles of DVDs, even old VHS tapes you’ve been meaning to convert to digital before they disintegrate.  We are no exception.  And with the price of processing speed and data storage going down, with software programmers firmly entrenched in the consumer digital video arena, you would be amazed at the possibilities.

After some research, we settled on Cyberlink’s PowerDirector v.12 (Ultra).  You can pick it up for just under $100, and gives you a vast array of capabilities.  You could make some fairly slick home movies with this software, and it appears more than up to the task of collating and organizing the various kids’ sports events, recitals, holiday gatherings, etc. the Griswolds Beems would require.

But this capability will end up costing you in one facet – time.  Unless you’re a video editing veteran, you’re going to have to learn how to functionally operate the program.  As with many things, the greater the capabilities, the steeper the learning curve.  And while the Cyberlink user’s guide is thorough, it doesn’t include a tutorial.  Fortunately, Cyberlink hosts a number of tutorial videos on Youtube, and other users have added to this library also.  Having watched a few already, I feel a lot more confident.

That time cost, though…  It’s going to take some man-hours to get up to speed.  Any PowerDirector veterans out there – drop me a line and maybe you can provide some advice.