This is Halloween

pumpkinsthis is Halloween…  And not a normal Halloween here in Beemsville, though opinions on ‘normal’ will vary.  In between the end of the soccer season, battling flu-like symptoms across multiple fronts, and our school’s upcoming auction/fundraising event, Halloween creeps in through the shadows.  Still we managed to summon the ghosts to the front yard, and we stepped it up in the Jack-o-Lantern category.  Nephew Jake exhibiting his artistic talents in the carving arena upon request of the kids.

As customary, the kids have three(!) separate costumes to wear at various events:  a friend’s birthday party (see below), the Halloween party at school (yes, we still do that at our school), and Trick-or-Treating (weather permitting).  It’s a different philosophy from my childhood, when Mom spent hours and hours on a costume and you wore it to everything to reward her efforts.

The theme for the grown-ups took a villainous turn this year, in part inspired by recent vacations.  The wife and I assumed our guises:  Captain Hook and Queen Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty).  Other friends had similar ideas, as documented on social networking.  The wife created our two costumes from scraps of previous costumes, trips to the re-sale shop, and her own ingenuity.  I tried to talk her into ordering the creepy contact lenses, but we couldn’t rationalize the expense.    Still, who could complain?

We also extend a shout-out to our friends, the Romans, who pulled out the stops on this year’s Halloween party.  Note:  you will have to click through to the blog site to view the photo gallery slide show below.

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