Bowl Playoffs 2013

The lesser bowls have come and gone, and with New Years upon us, it’s time to revisit our annual notional 16-team Bowl Playoff Championship for college football.  Although we will soon see a limited four-team playoff, this FCS-style tourney is still a decade or two away.  Check the bracket…


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Here’s how it works:

  • Six automatic BCS conference qualifiers, The champions  from the six current BCS conferences:  SEC – Auburn, Pac 12 – Stanford, Big 10 – Michigan State, Big 12 – Baylor, ACC – Florida State, and American – Central Florida.
  • Two at-large conference qualifiers, the champions of the next two highest rated conferences.  This year that’s the MAC – Bowling Green, and the Mountain West – Fresno State .  The smaller programs get their chance, even if this year’s current bowl results show them wanting.
  • Eight at-large teams, selected from the remaining highest rated teams using the BCS formula.  No limits on the number of entries from a conference; just go straight down the list.  At-large teams are: Alabama, Ohio State, Missouri, South Carolina, Oregon, Oklahoma, Clemson, and Oklahoma State.
  • Teams are seeded according to BCS formula. #1 to #16 based on relative ranking.  Higher seeds host the first round; highest surviving seeds then host the second round.  Bye week after the second round.
  • Semi-finals and the final rotate between the four BCS bowl sites. Jan. 1 is your semi-final date.  This year the Rose Bowl hosts the championship on Jan. 13.


We see some intra-conference first round match-ups (Baylor-Ok State and Mizzou-South Carolina) for the first time.  We also see potential for some really interesting second round match-ups this year.  In terms of conference representation, the Pac 12 will be feeling a little blue not to get another team in, but the power conferences seem pretty evenly distributed.  Arizona State is the first team outside the bracket, so they would get the Sugar Bowl (out of this year’s rotation), likely against LSU.

It’s hard to pick against the top four seeds advancing to the bowl games, but you could also see Oregon or Baylor making some noise.  We would predict an FSU-Alabama final, with Auburn’s luck finally running out.

How does this compare with the Beemsville BPCs of the recent past?  Check them out:

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