Rest, cramp, strain, recover

This is why you see so many pudgy ageing men.  It’s just hard.  To elaborate…

Two weeks ago I finished a 3 month work out regimen.  You’ve probably heard of it, tons of infomercials, big following.  Anyhow, was feeling pretty good about myself.  Improved core strength, good aerobic capacity, no real problems with the strength movements.  My energy levels were higher.  Looking pretty good in the old swim-trunks, and I was glad to get through the program without injury.

The next week we were on vacation.  Figured it was a good time to rest, relax, recover.  Maybe eat a little too much and enjoy some of those favorites I’d been moderating.  So what – I put on five pounds – it will come off pretty quick when I start in again.  The plan was to cross-train a few weeks, maybe some running and strength work, then do the 90-day program again or try something different.

This brings us to last week:  a cardio day, a strength day, and then another cardio on tap for Friday.  The weather was mild, the wife out with friends.  How about a nice three mile run?  So I’m outside a little over a mile into it, feeling pretty good…

And then my calf muscle cramps up on me – really seizes up badly.  I try to run a little farther.  Nope.  I’m thinking, I didn’t drink enough water this afternoon.  I was busy at work trying to finish things off.  And this did happen a couple of years ago.  Same calf, I think.  My own fault – you gotta hydrate.

A strained calf muscle.  Not the end of the world, but I was limping like and old man on Saturday, and only a little better yesterday.  Today we have improvement, but I won’t be doing any three mile runs anytime soon.  No yoga, no jumping or balancing on one leg.  Will it take another week to recover?  Two weeks?  If I try to come back too soon, will I re-injure the leg?  And how much muscle tone and cardio capacity do I lose while resting up?  Sure I can do some strength stuff and stretching, maybe ride the bike, but…

2 steps forward 1.5 steps back (because I’m not a negative person).  You start to see how tough it can be for some people – especially if you’re out of shape or overweight to start with.  Because your body will fight you.  You will get those reminders you’re no longer in your 20’s…  It’s a good thing we also get more stubborn as we age.


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