Are they role-playing?

…which is what the wife asked me in the car last night, as the kids embarked upon an imaginary quest from the backseat that involved a dungeon, treasure, evil wizards, and yes, a dragon.  

A proud moment for a geek-dad.

And it should come as no surprise as kids do so much creative storytelling and scenario-play with their action figures, dolls, and legos. Our kids are primed, with their many hours of viewing Adventure Time, playing Minecraft, and reading mythology and fantasy-themed books…  The girl recently finished the Percy Jackson series and the first Eragon book, while the boy has enjoyed Beast Quest and super-hero comics of late.

They weren’t rolling dice; they had no character sheets or figurines, but they were going back and forth, setting up scenarios and puzzles, collecting items and loot, fighting monsters, and having fun.  The girl (eldest) spent more time as the storyteller with the boy as the player-character.

The game went on as we stopped at the Verizon store to upgrade phones (which took way too long despite our experienced sales rep), with the two kids sitting quietly off to the side questing away.  By the time we finished with the phone swap and made it home, they’d been playing for more than an hour uninterrupted.  At home they quickly transitioned to adding their lego-guys to the story.

I had a few chances to contribute.  They asked me which armor was better – chainmail or leather. A fine question.  “Depends on whether you’re more concerned with sneaking or fighting,” I told them.

Later, as we were nearly home, with the boy confronting a large blue dragon in its lair, we had a brief discussion on dragon breath types.  “Actually, according to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition’s Monster Manual,” said I, “the blue dragon breathes…”

And we know some of you readers have the answer.


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