Night Mowing and other Excuses

A couple of weeks ago, out mowing the yard, our Midwest daylight dwindling rapidly, and I’m thinking, have to get this done because when else can I mow this week…  My yard takes an hour and change, so it’s not like this huge daunting task. And then it was dark, and I’m out there with my flashlight trying to finish without leaving any big stripes and strips.

This has been the Beemsville reality in September:  stuff, stuff, stuff to do.  The kids are multiple activity-kids, work is more intense this time of year, and the wife and I are running, running.  Lots of people do it, of course, we’re not unique.  But this is the excuse for the lack of sparkling original content on the blog.  It’s not lack of ideas or stuff happening – going to have a couple of books to review, there’s an election on the horizon, and this whole process of coaching continues to be illuminating.  But October is just as full on the event calendar, the leaves are starting to fall (and that is a big, long, job) so bear with us, please.

Bad Break

Debated whether or not to post this, but due to how it affects us around here

The boy fell and broke his arm on Thursday.  Took a spill off playground equipment at school.  It was a bad one, a .02% break of the humerus at the elbow.  What do we mean by .02%?  Well, the doctor told us she’s treated probably a thousand similar breaks in kids during her career, and this was only the second one requiring her to go in surgically to reset the bones.  So he was under about twice as long as they’d estimated, and yeah, we were starting to get alarmed.   I started thinking about what a break like this would have meant a few generations ago, and it’s not pretty.

Good news:  the bone has been set and pinned.  It wasn’t a compound or spiral fracture.  The initial concerns about swelling and compaction have diminished.  We go in for our cast tomorrow.  He should be able to recover fully.

It’s been a tough few days, though.  A lot of pain for him, not much mobility, and the realization that his soccer season is over just as we were about to ramp it up.  The wife has been in Mommy-adrenaline mode and will need to find a way to rest soon.  Even big sister has been fighting off some kind of persistent sinus infection and hasn’t felt right.

Fortunately we had a flood here in Springfield the night of the break, so that’s given us plenty of work to do to take our minds off it!

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