Bad Break

Debated whether or not to post this, but due to how it affects us around here

The boy fell and broke his arm on Thursday.  Took a spill off playground equipment at school.  It was a bad one, a .02% break of the humerus at the elbow.  What do we mean by .02%?  Well, the doctor told us she’s treated probably a thousand similar breaks in kids during her career, and this was only the second one requiring her to go in surgically to reset the bones.  So he was under about twice as long as they’d estimated, and yeah, we were starting to get alarmed.   I started thinking about what a break like this would have meant a few generations ago, and it’s not pretty.

Good news:  the bone has been set and pinned.  It wasn’t a compound or spiral fracture.  The initial concerns about swelling and compaction have diminished.  We go in for our cast tomorrow.  He should be able to recover fully.

It’s been a tough few days, though.  A lot of pain for him, not much mobility, and the realization that his soccer season is over just as we were about to ramp it up.  The wife has been in Mommy-adrenaline mode and will need to find a way to rest soon.  Even big sister has been fighting off some kind of persistent sinus infection and hasn’t felt right.

Fortunately we had a flood here in Springfield the night of the break, so that’s given us plenty of work to do to take our minds off it!

Of course you have perspective.  This will pass and he will recover.  Talking to an old friend I happened to run into yesterday, and he told me about his son’s broken leg that occurred last spring – which was a more serious injury and even more of a burden.  Other good friends have dealt with similar breaks the past few years.  Kids do get hurt and injured; everyone goes through it.

I broke my shoulder in 8th grade (still gets sore), which cost me half the basketball season.  Broke my thumb as a sophomore, costing me another half a hoops season.  Both were stupid accidents.  I also fell off out of trees (several times), wrecked my bike badly,  and fell out of the back of a pickup truck (fortunately in a wheat field) with nothing to show but scrapes, bumps, and bruises.

Still don’t know how much showing off and general stupidity was involved in this particular accident.  I’m guessing it was a factor.  But here’s hoping our kids learn from this.  We would implore you to keep your kids off the monkey bars and playground climbing equipment when the weather is so hot and humid.  It’s just a lot more risky, and the statistics on broken limbs from these scenarios are alarming.


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