Thankful for Run-on Sentences

A few days ago my boy was scribbling intently on some homework.  His concentration level was high, and he continued writing until about twenty minutes past normal bedtime to finish it.  The project was a Thanksgiving-themed story using vocabulary words, and it began with a couple of gloriously long run-on sentences.  A whole long paragraph of descriptive scene-setting and character introduction.  These sentences moved along, without repeating information, plenty of dependent clauses and good conjunctions, without that messy punctuation fouling things up.

When the story moved to the action, the sentences became much more compact, and when the dialogue began, so did the jokes along with a lot of punctuation.  It was pretty great.

So this year we’re expressing thanks for these run-on sentences and all they entail.  Older sister is a journaling champ.  She writes because she loves to write.  She takes notes on stuff that interests her, expands upon it, re-organizes, and incorporates into narratives.  She wrote an illustrated little story for her brother featuring a squirrel and a pig a little more than a year ago.  The characters start off with woodland hi-jinks but then run afoul of vampires.  She made a little picture book for my birthday a couple of years back called, My Day with Chtulhu, which I will, of course, treasure to the end of my days.

The boy loves puns and jokes.  He works on little comic books and strips with his friends.  When our two play together, there’s always a story.  Legos, action figures, walking or driving places…  My theory is the neighbors and other kids like coming over to the house because of the shared narrative.  It’s always interwoven in whatever they’re doing.

And they like to write it down.  So we’re thankful for a school and teachers that have consistently nurtured the kids’ creativity and interest in language while providing the tools and motivation to get them writing.  It’s so important to their development and it continues to make for fun and interesting times around our house.


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