Awaken… Teaser Breakdown

By now most with an interest have seen this:

The music, sounds, all of it has a Pavlovian effect on many from my generation…  Just skin-tingly, goosebumping excitement.  Grip your stadium seats, and let’s get bucket of popcorn and hightail it Tatooine!

Of course since the original Star Wars kids are now older with our own kids, there will be a certain subset of young viewers who will shrug their shoulders in adolescent defiance.  Why is my dad so excited?  This is dumb.  We pity the fools.  Fortunately that’s not the Beemsville kids (at least not yet).

So what do we take away from the teaser – other than general excitement:

  • First scene is Tatooine, because of course it is.  What’s Tracy Morgan doing on Tatooine?
  • We have Troopers deploying, we have creepy British accent voice.  We have X-Wings.
  • Cruciform red lightsaber!  In line with the science of Star Wars?  Maybe!  Hard to actually wield without cutting one’s arms off?  Certainly…  Cool?  Absolutely!
  • And huzzah, Millennium Falcon!

It’s very short, and we don’t see any of the original SW actors; just the new crop.  Very important to get that new bad guy some foreboding.

If you want the professional breakdown, though, it doesn’t get better than this.

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