Overshopped (Online Edition)

It’s not what you’re thinking – not that we’ve spent too much online, bought too many things, no…  It’s a time problem.  Particularly a time-to-item ratio problem.  I like to research and sometimes this attribute gets the better of me.  So the last several days I’ve read more comments on Amazon and elsewhere, read some articles, looked at product slideshows.  I even went outside the online lane and discussed with friends and co-workers…

The item in question isn’t even the point of the gift; it’s an important accessory the protective case/cover for said gift.  It’s not all that expensive and we have a lot (and I mean a lot) of choices, but still…  Very odd.  With the shipping deadline fast approaching, this is no time for paralysis by analysis.  Finally, last night at a late hour, I hit confirm.  Is this a theme of our info-matic lives these days?  Is too much product detail a problem?  Of course, you would say no, but when the time-to-item ratio gets as out of hand as it’s been for me recently…


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