One Last Report

Unless you are completely deaf to the media, you know that last night was the final Colbert Report on Comedy Central.  Yes, Nation, Stephen Colbert will take his talents to CBS soon, where he will backfill for the retiring David Letterman.  So some people are probably thinking, no big deal, we’ll just see him on the network in a couple of months in Dave’s spot.  But wait – many viewers don’t realize (or don’t fully accept) that the Stephen Colbert on the Report is a caricature, a character, an ironic construct.  And that’s because he’s kept up this persona in front of the camera for nine + years, almost without fail.  He hasn’t done many interviews or public appearances out of this character at all.

So what’s he going to do on late night – that’s the question.  It will be different; enough hints have dropped that we know he’s doing interviews and jokes as more of himself.  How much will this confuse the Nation?  How will the viewers adjust?

Comedy Central ran about three hours of Colbert last night – a mini-Marathon to get us all ready.  Our favorite recent bit has to be this interview with Smaug… Just a lot of fun there.  And of course, if you watch it to the end, he closes the show by acknowledging every single one of the artists and animators who created and brought the dragon to the screen.  It’s a long list…

The final Report featured an egotistical reflection of the host’s impact on events and legacy, a duel with death that resulted in immortality for Stephen that resulted in hilarious philosophical pondering, a musical number with tons of guest appearances, and an appropriately odd final scene.  Since Comedy Central reruns everything over and over, you should have no problem viewing the final show in case you missed it.  So long, Colbert Report – it’s been fun.


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