Hobbit Question

The crew took in the final chapter of Peter Jackson’s version of The Hobbit last evening.  We enjoyed it, of course, thoroughly entertained…  Some will question the pacing, the character additions, the choices of how to portray that Battle of Five Armies on the slopes of the Lonely Mountain.  Did the story and treatment merit three separate movies?  (Studio executives vote yes.)  Was it a good choice to make this Thorin’s story as much as Bilbo’s?  Dwarf-Elf love?  Why do some trolls turn to stone in sunlight while others do not?  Did we really need to add Middle Earth spice worms?

The answers to these important questions depend on your perspective and level of Tolkien scholarship.  For our part, we are content to enjoy the experience – the full Peter Jackson experience.  Extended battle-scenes, harrowing escapes, crazily epic escapes…  But we do have one nerdish question that must be posed…  Spoiler alert.  Read on after the break if you’ve seen the movie…

This question deals with a very fine and exciting sequence near the end of the second act.  Gandalf, in the clutches of the Necromancer finds himself in need of rescue.  Fortunately, the White Council arrives to oblige him (separately, it must be noted to good cinematic affect).  And yes, the combination of Elrond, Sauruman, and Galadriel prove too much for the barely corporeal Nazgul – as we would hope and expect.  And then…  And then…

They face the Eye.  The Enemy manifests, there in the ruins, and Galadriel summons her considerable power to banish the Enemy.  And yes, it’s really cool…  However, does this not cast serious problems on the beginning of the Lord of the Rings?  Isn’t one of the central elements of the Fellowship centered on the idea that the Enemy has gathered strength in secret and only just begun to manifest when Frodo leaves the Shire?  Isn’t it much later that Gandalf realizes the Necromancer he faced during Bilbo’s journey was in fact an aspect of Sauron?  Maybe my Middle Earth history is a little fuzzy, but for some reason this bothered me on the drive back from the theater and I was still thinking about it today.

So, for other Tolkien-ites out there, am I off base here?  And no, ironically, having Legolas in this story did not bother me a bit, and I thought the addition of Tauriel’s character was just keen…  So there’s the perspective.  But the Eye?  The Eye…

One thought on “Hobbit Question

  1. Its simple…..The White Council assumed Galadrials banishment was permanent…I mean for cripes sake did you see that? Who or what lives through that? As for Gandalf….he was unconscious and missed the whole thing….I didn’t care for the Middle Earth Spice worms, but would’ve loved to have seen a Dwarf named Muad ‘Dwarf riding one! My real gripe was the lack of screen time given to the kick assedness of Bjorn (sp) the shapechanging ass kicking dude who basically turned the tide of battle in the book taking out some pretty important dudes when he hit the battle field. Instead, we get a Matrix like drop off the back of an Eagle and see him tear into a line….and that was it….THAT was disappointing. Almost as disappointing as the fact that there will now be no more Middle Earth movies! 😦

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