Blogging at you Live, from…

the Nation’s Capital:

Every once in awhile, the employer sends me on the road for various reasons. It’s usually a positive experience, even though I do not like being away from the fam for too long.

So this week Beemsville brings you the report, D.C. style. Don’t really know what that means, but I will tell you this: a coworker who had some experience with tours of the home office characterized it as a depressing place filled with angry people. I don’t know about that, but I will say the floors and floors of soulless linoleum and fluorescent lights leave something to be desired.

Everyone here is fairly well dressed though, I’ll give them that. And the architecture is pretty damned cool.

It’s September 11

…think about it.

  • The enemy is still out there, and he wants to hurt us.
  • We are stuck in a bitter conflict–we can’t really win, yet the the consequences of losing would be disastrous.
  • Both political parties have politicized the situation to ridiculous proportions; we have a crisis of leadership in our government on both sides.

But what about you? Have you done any research, have you tried to understand, or do you just sit there and digest what’s fed to you.

Think about it.

(Regular programming resumes tomorrow.)

Ops Plan: EJ Dome

You put your Ops Plan together when you need to organize and formalize all the ideas and divergent scenarios relating to your objective.  In this case, the objective is pretty straight forward:

(Lord help us if we break out the all-orange unis again…)

Sub-objectives include beer, food, parking, child-management, comms plan, and overnight arrangements.  We’ve met most of these but are still awaiting a few vital pieces of intel before the Ops Plan can be certified… Continue reading