Chicago Gangnam Style

Somewhere in their prison cells, the two most recent former governors of Illinois are smiling.  President Obama and his campaign team have done it; they’ve taken the body politic of Illinois and especially Chicago and captured the nation’s highest office.  Again.

In Beemsville we’re just grateful it’s all over.  We’re not even in a swing state and we’re tired of the ads and talking points.  And once more, we’re both humbled and intrigued that our home state can provide such a fine crucible for political leadership.

Do you doubt the wisdom of running a Chicago Style campaign?  When it’s so obviously the winning formula?

First off you focus in on the urban centers.  Duh.  That’s where all the people live.  Leave the rubes in the sticks to their grain liquor, bible thumping, and such.  Like this. It’s become more and more difficult for the Republicans to combat due to point #3 (below).   Second, you must raise lots and lots of cash for divisive adds.  Former Govs Blago and Ryan knew this well, and it eventually led to their demise (just imagine what either could have done with Super PAC laws on the books…)  Both political parties were successful here. Continue reading

Some Numbers for the Week

  • 16,000 - the number of votes separating Quinn from Brady for Governor of Illinois out of $3.4 million cast.  If you’re a Republican you have to be frustrated with the margin.  How many of those ballots for Quinn were cast by dead people or were repeat-ballots in Democratic Machine strongholds?  It’s Illinois, so you never know and you never will.
  • Four – the number of Illinois counties Quinn carried in this election.  These include very slim margins in Alexander (Cairo), Jackson (Carbondale), and St. Clair (Metro East), and, oh yeah – Cook County…
  • 19 – the net gain for Republicans in State Legislative chambers (State Houses of Reps and State Senates) across the country.  A statistic you didn’t hear about Tuesday night, but one worth considering.  Before the election, Dems held majorities in about 60% of these state legislatures; now that number is 60% to the GOP.
  • $41 billion – current estimated total budget deficit for California ($19 billion), Illinois ($13 billion), and New York  ($9 billion).  Three states that have been firmly under Democratic control for at least a decade (yes, Arnold notwithstanding), and those deficits rise considerably if you take into consideration their state pension obligations.  Aren’t those entitlement programs grand?  And yet, in Illinois at least, the Dems maintain their stranglehold on state government…

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Election Day!

Come on, who’s pumped up!  Who wants some?  Here at Beemsville, we’re relieved that the long nightmare is nearly over.  No, no, not the current regime (though we’re sick of that, too); I’m talking about the last two years of blaring, tinny, sensationalist, shrill, not-focusing-on-the-real-issues, wall-to-wall media coverage.  It’s been beyond ridiculous.  I’m ready for a five month election season.  Go on, tell me you’re not…

Think about it.  Primaries begin in May – a five tier system that has 10 states on a primary date every other week.  Some big states, some small.  Every four years the 10 state tiers will rotate so you have the opportunity to go first, last, and in between.  So after 10 weeks of primaries, you’re in mid-July and you have your candidates.  The Conventions in early August, and then 2.5 months of head-to-head campaiging.  Four mandatory debates organized by issues (foreign policy, economic policy, social policy, battle royale).  Oh, and we’re also doing away with the electoral college in it’s current format.  Less money spent, less media, more substance.

For now, we want to adovcate getting out to vote.  We also want to throw in with a particular candidate (finally).  Yes, it’s true, we’ve been reluctant to bring politics into this blog, but now we’re ready for our endorsement (after the bump)…

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