Youtubery: Do or Do Not

Do talk to your kids about Star Wars.  It’s important to them, to you.  Think about how you will approach this.  Have a game plan.  Know your sequence and your preferred editions.  And if you need assistance, consider this public service announcement…

Do use the power of cheap video editing and the inter-tubes to mash-up cool scenes that didn’t happen, but perhaps should have…

Do not mess with Chuck Norris – even on Endor…

Chuck and Yoda agree:  there is no try.

More Fun with Lucasfilm

Star Wars: the franchise that will probably entertain my generation until we’re all dead and buried…  Inspiring younglings and jedi masters alike, through cheap video production and interwebs storage capacity.

Who really defines the term, interesting:


In the hood, you better come correct:


More after the bump…

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Star Wars from the fans

Lucasfilm’s latest trip to the cash trough, The Clone Wars, has been pretty much panned by the jedi faithful.  Here at Beemsville, we didn’t pony up for the theatrical release but will likely attempt to watch the DVD at some point despite the bad reviews.  These days your options for some Star Wars goodness are limited.  You’re pretty much left with some video games (Lego Star Wars, The Force Unleashed), the Dark Horse comics (some are good, some are weak), and your own sense of nostalgia.  Of course you can also go comedy with the Family Guy and Robot Chicken send-ups, both of which we wholeheartedly endorse.

And if you want to stick with the comedy vibe, you can also go with the fans.  Check out Atom TV which has the 2008 Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge.  Atom TV airs on Comdey Central, which replays it a couple of times throughout the week.  And of course you can view the shorts via the interweb link above or the icon below.

We’ve been enjoying Star Wars fan films since a few years back when we saw ‘Troops’, a clever Cops/Stormtroopers mash-up.  The tradition continues with ‘Padme’ (Juneau send-up), ‘Chad Vader’ (Sith wannabe at the grocery), Ewok Grindhouse (self-explanatory), and more.  Good stuff for the Star Wars geek in all of us.