Soccer Skill Moves


Use this page as a Youtube reference for skill move training.

MOVE SHEET Video 1 Video 2 Comments
Inside-inside Silver at 1:04 of video
Toe Taps Silver First move of video 1
Ankle Dirbbles Silver
Matthews Inside-Outside Silver
Pull-back and Go Silver
Pull Back V Silver Second move of Vid 1 (at 1:00 mark)
Pull Back Behind Leg Silver 4:05 of Vid 2
Hoop Turn Silver Vids call it something different, but it’s a hoop turn
Step-over Both
Scissor Both
Brazilian Toe Taps Gold At 3:00 mark of Vid 2
Inside Roll-Outside Cut Gold
Rollie Stepover Gold
Ronaldo Chop Gold
Cruyff Turn Gold
Elastico Gold
Maradona/Zidane Gold :50 of video 2
Step-over Outside Cut Gold
Scissor Freestyle Gold Vid 1= Scissor inside cut; Vid 2 Rollie-Scissor